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Meet Lowrie

Lowrie MacLean is a respected San Francisco realtor with a trained eye for design and architecture. She represents both spectrums of buyers and sellers in various residential real estate transactions; ranging from single family homes and condos to multi-units and investment properties. Well-seasoned with 10+ years in the industry, Lowrie’s experience, skills, and unique background define her approach from the rest; delivering the highest level of client satisfaction and service. Lowrie began her career at Hill & Co. where she was a consistent Top Producer, kicking off her career as Rookie of the Year.

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210 Alvarado Road
Berkeley, CA 94705

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1130 Besito Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94705

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The Buzz of The Bay

Jeannie Fay Snow
Executive Coach at Google

"Lowrie MacLean is a quintessential realtor and most trusted partner. She knows San Francisco inside and out, is an expert at capitalizing on what property has to offer, has an outstanding aesthetic and is a fantastic negotiator."

Dana Thomas
Software Engineer Facebook

"Lowrie is the pinnacle of experienced and masterful real estate agents. She helped me find the San Francisco condo of my dreams, all within a tight budget..."

Christine Pucco 
Marketing Director Red Hat

"I met Lowrie through an open house on Union Street and immediately knew I wanted to partner with her in my search for a second home in San Francisco."